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Thank you to all of our donators, sponsors and supporters!

A big shout out to the Corona Community of Sierra Del Oro, for their continued love and support of us and our goals

Thank you to each person who has donated toys, money, clothing, services, time, help, household items and more!  Your donation counts!  When you donate, it goes DIRECTLY into the hands of the people we help!  You will receive a receipt for all charitable donations.  If you have items to donate, please contact us by sending us a message here or on facebook, or by texting (714) 401-1044.  Local pick ups are scheduled daily. 

To make a monetary donation click below

or send using paypal to along with a note


Brieanna and her team have been way beyond amazing. My perspective is different because men don't get educated on the devastation domestic violence causes. But because I helped raise 6 kids, including 5 girls, I wanted them to know of this plight all too many suffer.

Brieanna has provided some of that significant education in sharing her organization and opening her doors to all who want to help as well as those currently experiencing domestic violence.

I believe she can be the one who helps us break this cycle for this next generation. Blessed to be an observer in what Dreams Corp has accomplished and can't wait to see how many more can be served by her messages of survival and hope for the future.

Solomon Shapiro

They were one call away, always. Everything was always immediately available from clothing to shoes and school supplies for my children.

What was the most comforting were the calls to support me as I was having papers served, follow up calls and texts to make sure we had our needs met, were okay and back in our home, and countless safety checks. Even to this day, they still call and check on me to make sure I am doing okay and still reminding me that I am strong and can handle it all. I always know I have an advocate in my corner and on my side. I know that I am not alone, and I can get through this and thrive.

Shereen Hatefi
Impossible to say enough about Brieanna Norwood, her mission and Dreams Corp. What a shining star she is in the community and to all that Dreams Corp serves. She is everywhere (!), and seemingly tireless (seriously!) - Brieanna's energy and enthusiasm is completely infectious and just by being around her you want to be a better version of yourself.
Kelly McLaren
Brieanna and Dreams Corp have done so much to support women and families who have suffered through domestic violence. She volunteers countless hours in our community to improve the quality of life for our citizens. We are thankful for Brieanna’s efforts and accomplishments.
Jim Steiner
City of Corona Mayor
We definitely need more people like this. What a blessing to our community. These people have such great big hearts and are so good at loving people and helping the less fortunate. We thank you for all that you do.
Angela Hair
The Valentines make over was truly changing for someone who was told over and over I was ugly and not worthy. I got clothes and shoes which was helpful because I lost everything with my ex. Most importantly, it gave me a safe place to talk and share my story and I gained someone I trust to talk to whenever I need help, even today.
Megan Kramer
This organization responds & picks up donations in a timely manner. Brieanna has such joy in her heart being able to help others. Brieanna has a passion for what she does. She is all about bringing community & charitable events together. I recommend this organization to all looking to donate. This non-profit puts clothes & items directly into the hands of those needing it the most.
Jennifer Collins
It goes to show that there are still people out there that actually care and take the time to care for others!! Keep the hope alive no matter how much work it is.
Chelsey Weidenbeck
This is amazing to find compassioned people here in Los Angeles who make a difference. Let me know how I can help; I have been looking for an opportunity like this one since I moved here.
Dianna Bellerose